Mivok.net is now hosted on github with jekyll

Fri, Jan 27 2012 - 1 minute read

Ever since I saw Jekyll, I liked the idea of having a statically generated site for something as simple as a blog where you really don’t need dynamic content (except for comments where, as you can see below, I cheated and used intense debate). But I hadn’t touched anything in ruby before (at the time it probably wasn’t even installed on my web server), was suffering from not-invented-here syndrome, and decided to write my own version in Python. It was clunky, but it worked, for the most part. Two years later however, it’s seen no love, was in dire need of some maintenance/improvement, and I finally realized that pretty much everything I wanted to do was already done in Jekyll.

The site was simple to convert (the original program being an attempted clone), and it now means that I can punt on hosting and let github deal with things. And if github turns out not to be a good choice, then it’s simple to host anywhere. It is after all, a static site.